Friday, March 1, 2013

Unleash the Real Power of your Spice mi-530 Pinnacle

This tutorial will guide you through the process of rooting your Spice mi530 along with a few tweaks to boost its performance, or enhance the battery life (either way you like).

Step 1.

Install drivers of your phone on pc (so that your pc recognizes your device ).This can be done with the help of PdaNet (here).
First of all go to your phone settings>developer options> Here enable USB debugging by checking the box.
Now install PdaNet on your pc (no need to connect your phone now).
In the final step (of software installation), you would be asked to connect your phone, connect it then using the USB cable.
All the software will now be installed on your pc, and PdaNet will be installed on your device as well.

Step 2.

After the device has successfully connected to your pc with drivers installed, run the batch file (here).
Read the onscreen instructions, and select "root and restore". Don't worry it will not restore anything on your device. Select "restore" option from your device screen as well.

Now rest of the job will be done by the script itself, and the device will restart (after you select any key to continue the process).

The Device is now rooted (check SuperSU app on your phone).

A few tweaks to increase Device Performance (Download and install them). I found them very useful to me

  •   Seeder (here). Enable it by granting root access when prompt. This increases the available entropy (randomness on your phone) which in turn speeds up your device.
  •   SetCPU (here) to adjust the cpu according to your usage and choose between performance, high battery life, or balanced.
  •   Chainfire 3D (here). This tweaks your device's graphics performance in games. Increase the rate or texture and make more games work which previously were not or less compatible.
  •   lgcamera pro (here). Though the quality of the image taken is not good as other camera apps do as this may be taken better as a camcorder app. You can adjust video quality to the max and shot FullHD videos in mp4 format (yeah finally get rid of default 3gp format) in 30fps with AAC audio format. Loads of more video adjustments also available.

Rooting is a risky process, though i promise 99.9% success if every step is followed as mentioned.
I have personally tested the process on my device and is working better now.
Do not blame me if something unusually goes wrong, though revert in case of any Query.
Apps above are cracked versions from various places, i, in no manner, support them, install from market rather.