Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spice Stellar Pinnacle Review

This is the full review of Spice mi 530 aka Spice Stellar Pinnacle after a week usage

The device comes with 5.3"qHD IPS display with 240dpi. The Display is Natural and nice, without any oversaturation of colours, and the touch is highly responsive, far better than micromax's superfone pixel and canvas2. It has dual core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.2Ghz per core with PowerSGX 531 as GPU, supported by 1Gb of RAM, from which 980mb is available, and 16Gb of ROM out of which ~12.4Gb is user accessible.
It has dual sim slots with dual 3G, and expandable memory upto 32Gb. All this is supported by 2550mah of battery, which in real usage gave me around 2 days of normal usage and with heavy usage the battery died in around 7-8 hours with around 2 hours of calling,hours of 3g and wifi browsing and few hd gaming.

This has dual cameras, 8mp rear with dual LED flash, that comes with features like panaroma, 3D pictures, multi shot, face beautification, night mode, etc. Also it can record full HD videos of 1080p at 15fps.
front camera of 5mp sets it apart from all other devices.
The cameras perform really well, but not outstanding. I was able to click some descent pictures.

For better results i use camera fv-5 that really helps in enhancing the quality of the clicks.
I have uploaded some of my random clicks outdoor (first and second), and in dark with flash (it was able to decide how much flash should be thrown to a nearby object in full dark).

Image 1 : Low light (flash fired)
Image 2 : Daylight
Image 3 : Dark room (flash fired)
In Full dark, some devices just fill the object with white flash if its too near, which thankfully is not found in this device, resulting in a clear image in full dark.

The build Quality of the set is solid, and there is no queaking sound on my try to twist and press the phone from portions.

On the top, there is 3.5mm jack and alongside is the microUSB port and the power button which also acts as lock/unlock key. On the right hand there is a volume rocker and camera key that is rarely found on android based devices.

In terms of UI and software capabilities, spice has really worked hard to incorporate features found on Galaxy S3, like Flip-to-Mute, Intelligent Calling and Answer and Pop-up play into their device.Also there is gesture screen lock that enable to perform various functions (like opening camera, browser, calling contact, etc) without unlocking your device. It also comes with a feature named Hi-Connect, that allows to sync wirelessly to laptop to share contacts, message, media and even call logs.

 This device runs on android 4.0.4 i.e. ice cream sandwich, but is upgradable to 4.1 (jelly bean), updates will be rolled out shortly as per spice, and unlike micromax, spice keeps their promises in providing updates and after sales services.
The UI is fluid and snappy and there is no lag at all, and multitasking is breeze (thanks to its 1Gb of ram).
On bottom there are three backlit touch buttons which are quite responsive.
Spice has also made sure that the user has not to look into market for basic accessories, and hence provided leather flap cover, screen guard (as its not gorilla glass protected), and an OTG cable for connecting pen drives directly to your device.

The Benchmarking Scores are :


Quadrant Standard :3249

Antutu : 7802

Nenamark2 : 25.5 fps

The video playing capabilities of this device are really awesome. Videos of 720p and 1080p resolution play without any lag. Pop-up play also works flawlessly.

High Resolution Games also work perfectly. I played temple run2, and need for speed most wanted 2012 and graphics are really nice.The Gpu PowerSGX531 supports the processor decently.

Web Browsing is a breeze and pinch-to-zoom and kinetic scrolling, and flash work perfectly.

Below are videos of how fluidly games run on the device :

Temple Run2


Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012

Fifa 2012 (after root and enhancing graphics)


With such a large screen with good resolution, snappy processor, large ram, and dual cameras with awesome clarity, and massive battery, and all that in just 14k this phone is a must buy.


Do check second post for more images clicked by the device


  1. Really a very very useful review and it's genuine and perfect in every aspect . But don't you think it's difficult to hold in hands becoz of it's heavy weight and i suppose it's not pocket-able too , your comment please !

    ( it would be nice if you could remove the word verification , it's difficult to grasp and reproduce here , thank you! )

  2. Well dr i agree it is a bit bulky specially when you are on a byke or alike, but thats why it has kept under phablets catagory. Though once get used to, you will hardly feel so as its a bit heavier weight makes it solid and classic.
    If you are looking for a small yet powerful device then go for stellar nhance, its 4 inch device with descent specs.

  3. Thanks a lot Ankit Dj for your prompt reply . The graphics of the Temple run 2 are looking strange in this video . Is it really so or an aberration in uploading the video here ? If possible may I request you to upload a few more games please ?! Thanks in advance !

  4. Go to my youtube channel :

    And the graphics are looking stange because i had to record and play the game, graphics run smooth even in heavy games like fifa 2012, contract killer, etc.

  5. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for the detailed review. I am quite confused to buy Canvas HD or Pinnacle. I have no preference for the processor as I am not an avid gamer. I need normal games TempleRun, SubwaSurfer, Agent Dash etc. which my children play. My concern is design and battery backup. Does it has heating issues as in Indian manufactured phones? Is it huge to hold I mean will it fit in Shirt Pocket?

  6. See, both the devices you are talking about are performance sets, and due to their massive screens fall into category of phablets.
    Though neither you have high performance requirement, nor the large screen, then i suggest you not to go with any of two mentioned by you.
    Rather you should go with micromax a90s or xolo a800 (only drawback being 512mb ram, which if you are not a heavy user will be fine), which look fantastic as per your usage, and fit perfectly in pocket, micromax a90s also has gorilla glass for further protection.

    Or amongst the two, i will definitely recommend you to go with spice mi 530 as it has better battery life and after sales services of spice are far better than that of micromax.

  7. Hi Ankit,

    Thank you, your review is excellent, I just bought Spice stellar pinnacle in Bangalore and I liked the phone very much, this is truly an amazing phone. However I am facing a problem, there is no ringing sound for incoming calls (only vibration), when I tried to Change the Audio profile to set the default voice calls ring tone, I am getting following error " Audio error process com.android settings stopped". Could you please help me..


  8. Thanks Ravi.
    Have you tried increasing the volume using volume rocker,as they change the profile from silent to vibration only to loud ring.
    press and hold volume up button untill your screen shows volume slider to maximum level.
    if thats not working then install audio manager from play store and set incoming volume from there.
    Try and share the results.

    1. Hi Ankit,
      I downloaded Audio manager, now it is working fine.

      Many thanks, I am pleasantly surprised by your knowledge about the device, if not for your review I would have waited to buy Mmx a 116.

      Thanks again and keep rocking.

  9. Your Welcome Ravi.
    Do write for any other query.

    I recently rooted my device to unleash its true power, will come up with proper tutorial of the same soon.

    1. Great Ankit, will be waiting for the same.
      All the very best.

  10. How was the video quality of camera ankith?

  11. Hi Ankit can we install MIUI rom in this phone.

  12. Ofcourse we can in future.
    I have just succeeded in rooting the device (will post tutorial for the same soon), will try to port custom roms (like MIUI, CM, etc) now.

  13. Check my new post on how to root and increase device's performance:


  14. Hi Ankit,
    Please let me know should we install Dictionary manager into this phone, since this is not recognizing any word while typing any sms (no auto correct suggesionts)..

  15. Hi Ravi, no need to install dictionary manager,try to check out the settings.
    go to settings>language and keyboard>
    and choose your dictionary and cusyomize it according to you,turn auto correction on or off. there you can also add custom words.
    personally i am using "thumb keyboard" and auto correction and mis-spelt is working like a breeze, i'd recommend it to you as well.

  16. Hi Ankit,

    Thank you very much, I had done the settings, but it was not effective, Installed the Key board APP, this is working excellent.

    Thank you very much.

  17. Hi Ankit,
    Could you please let me know, which are all the must have apps for this handset..

  18. Hey Ankit ,

    I am looking forward to buy this phablet,however I am very much confused after reading the comments made by more than 3 people in gsmarena about the Battery life . They say 2 to 2.5 hours at the max of playing games and highly disappointed with battery performance.

    looking forward for your inputs.

  19. Hi Farhan,
    Battery life 2-2.5 hours!!! JOKE...
    On heavy usage it lasts at around 4-5 hours which includes HD gaming, wifi browsing, etc
    And its talktime also exceeds 5 hours on multiple durations.
    i will share the battery drainage graph shortly which i took after full recharge and then powering on the device.
    Hope that helps.

    I know much is expected from a 2550mah battery, but we might achieve it with custom roms, would be available shortly, as stock by spice is not that powerful as those of samsung devices.

  20. Hi Ravi,
    Regarding apps i have installed poweramp pro (for music), camscanner, camera fv-5, fifa 2012, nfs most wanted, lgcamera (for video recording), photoshop touch, truecaller.

    For me they are necessary and provide maximum out of my device

  21. Hi Ankit,
    The only problem I am finding with this phone is about Network, I am using Airtel Sim cards at both the slots, whenever I am in indoor one sim will move into Network not reachable status and I can't take any calls when I am indoor, the voice clarity will be poor since the signal would be less. I went to the service centre, they updated the software, but the result is same. What is your opinion, Currently this phone is becoming un usable for me..

    1. Hello Ravi, i never faced any such problem as you have mentioned. I guess you have enabled 3G on your second sim and the area you are living in might be having less 3g connectivity, so try selecting "gsm only" mode from "settings>more>mobile networks>"
      Revert in case problem persists.

      Thank you

  22. Thanks Ankit, Because of you I learned how to use this phone better, Any idea when do we get JB 4.1 update for this phone, what is your opinion it would be helpful?.

  23. sorry I think it should be ICS 4.1 update..

  24. It is Jb 4.1.2, and it is available at all service centers, go and ask them for an upgrade. They just took 10 minutes for the same.
    And the upgrade is not available online anywhere.
    Thank you

  25. Thanks Ankit, Today I heard Spice has launched a new phone. Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535.. spcs looking very good.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hey Ankit ,

    I was not able to buy Mi 530 as it was not in stock.Spice has launched a new phone. Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535,hence wanted to check whats you call on it ??Should I buy this one or look for something else.


    Awaiting early reply

  28. Hi Ravi and Farhan,
    Checked with the on-board specs of the spice's new launch, the changes i noticed are:
    *Dual core to Quad Core
    *Front Camera upgraded with Wide Angle Lens
    *Pizzle mode and HiCamera added in Camera (taken from its chinese original model)
    *Newer Version of Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2)

    Though an HD screen was expected with such a launch, and if GPU be the same then it would make it an outdated model if compared to many others available at this price.
    So Farhan better wait for benchmarks, or visit a spice center for its hands-on and then decide, i will try for the same.

    Thank you

  29. Hey Ankit buddy ,

    Got the Benchmarking Scores of MI535 from an online mate ..

    1.Quadrant Standard : 3302
    2.Antutu : 8123
    3.Nenamark2 : 56.3

    Whats your call ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Farhan,
      I hope you have got these from reliable sources.
      As i am shocked to encounter such a result from quad core version as my dual core version itself gave 3249 and 7802 in quad and antutu respectively, nenamark2 score is unbelievably high, as even 56.3 was not expected with the device (expected a lower score).
      And if these are the scores, then quad core version is just waste, no need to spend extra 1000 rupees, there are better options available in the market.

      Please ask your mate for snapshots if possible.

      Thank you Farhan for your efforts

  30. Hey Ankit buddy ,I got frustrated and ordered HD A116 today . There was not even one person who was ready to pass the correct information or update for MI 535. Got a good deal of 13k so went for it .

    I Would really appreciate if can please share camera fv-5,nfs most wanted as well .I did download LG Camera 6.25 PRO from your drop box..

    Thanks for all your help so far.

  31. Hi Ankit,
    My MI 530 is getting replaced by the service center since it has got network related issues which is not getting rectified. Please let me know whether I should go for MI 535 or choose a new model?, the following link contains the bench mark scores of mi 535

    1. Sorry for late reply, actually my exams are going on.
      Well if they are refunding your money then i would suggest money as mi535 doesn't seems worthy to me. rather go for canvas, or xolo device or wait for the new canvas a120 (coming shortly).
      pinnacle was a cool device, but is too overpriced now as compared to the ones available at this price.

      Finally the choice is yours, revert in case of any more help.

      Thank you

    2. Many Thanks Ankit, I WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS & I am sure that with your knowledge levels you will certainly do well. I will go with your advice, I will go for canvas as you said no point in investing a non worthy phone.

    3. Thanks a lot Ravi.

      Do revert in case of any more help.

  32. Hey Ravi ,

    Buddy sorry to hear that ,would they refund or replace with Mi 535.
    few days back I got frustrated and ordered HD A116,which seems to be really good in HD display and over all .

    The Benchmarking Scores for Micromaxx A116 Canvas HD

    Quadrant Standard : 4033 !! Just a little behind from Asus Transformer and is ahead of Mi 535 Benchmarking Score of 3930 and Grand.

    Check out the following link contains the bench mark scores::



  33. Thanks Farhan, The good thing about Spice is that they are allowing me to chose any phone of my choice.. So as suggested by you and Ankit I will go for Canvas HD 116, I do not know how to read the scores, but will go as per your suggestions.

  34. hii ankit dj im new to android fones since i bot mi 530 on frens opinion d fones really good as well best perfomce i just got updated to jb thru spice web site i downloaded files n sp tool kit den got done myself ...as u hav rooted ur fone pls upload videos how to root pls do asp thank you syed

    1. Hi Syed,
      Following is the link to root your device after jb upgrade:


      Since i don't have the device anymore, i couldn't be demonstrating the same, apologies for the same.

      Thank you

  35. ok ankit ill go thru n get it done thx for ur helpful reply

  36. Hi Ankit,
    Hope your exams are through, you did well and are having a great time, I need your opinion, I want to buy a tab for my relative, budget around 7k.. Please suggest some model, mean while I saw Karbonn st8, and Lava Etab xtron..I am not able to decide whether to go for these or anything else.
    Pls help.

  37. hey Ankit,

    very nice n detailed review :)

    just wanted to know,are there any custom roms u r working on for our MI-530 ???(as u said few posts earlier)

  38. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

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